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Lists: Books, Books, and more Books!

Re: Investing - Opening The Kimono: 2023 In Review.

Twitter Space: Panel with Unusual Whales / FOMC Day - Is the Fed about to Pivot?

Two Quick Reminders

Interview: The RO Show Podcast with Rosanna Prestia / Investment Philosophies, Mental Models & Pelicans.

Interview: The Geopolitics of Commodities with Scott Smitson on The Lykeion Channel.

Interview: The Julia La Roche Show with Julia La Roche.

Re: Mental Models - Valuation/Risk Drivers of Financial Assets As Partial Derivatives.

Interview: Palisades Gold Radio with Tom Bodravics.

Interview: "Forward Marginal Guidance" with Mike Ippolito and Jack Farley.

Re: Inflation/Oil/Gold/Yield Curves - Revisiting Bear Steepening, Recency Bias & That 70's Show.

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Kaos Theory Episode 4: Elbridge Colby

Interview: Markets & Macro Twitter Space with Jeremy Schwartz & Jeff Weniger.

Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society Presentation

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Interview: On The Tape Podcast with Guy Adami & Danny Moses / Macro, Oil, USD, Sovereign Debt Endgames.

Re: Inflation/USD - The Four Horsemen of US Resilience Will Make the Fed an Uneven "Distributor of Pain."

Interview: Macro/China/BRICS with Pyotr Kurzin

Interview: On The Margin with Mike Ippolito & Nicholas Glinsman / China, CNY, Macro

Kaos Theory Episode 3: Scott Smitson

Interview: Macro Sunday with Andreas Steno / China, CNY, HKD, Macro.

Interview: Real Vision with Maggie Lake / Fed, Inflation, USD, Macro.

Kaos Theory Episode 2: Richard Lacquement

Re: Inflation/Real Estate - CRE Trends / The Strong US Consumer & The "Ivan Drago" Fed.

Re: USD/China - The Donkey Kong Dollar Peg.

Re: Investing - Bottoms Up (Hic!) Macro / Different Styles For Different Situations / Getting Paid To Wait.

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Two Quick Announcements

Interview: Forward Guidance with Jack Farley & Alex Stahel / Oil, Macro, CNY/Oil Doom Loop.

Re: USD Wrecking Ball - Whither Art Thou?

Re: Geopolitics/Demographics/Inflation - The Great Power Competition Between US & China.

Interview: Top Traders Unplugged Podcast with Cem Karsan / Oil & Geopolitics.

Kaos Theory Episode 1: Michael St. Pierre

Interview: TradeGateHub Interview With Dale Pinkert / Oil & USD.

Re: Oil/Investing - Lessons From The Oil Patch / Will Atlas Shrug?

Interview: Palisades Gold Radio Podcast with Tom Bodrovics / Inflation & Asian Contagion 2.0.

Re: Macro Commodity Chartpack, 5/25/23.

Re: Oil-Deep Dive & The Supply/Demand Singularity Revisited.

FAQ about Oil, USD, & China.

Interview: Value After Hours Podcast with Tobias Carlisle and Jake Taylor / Trip Down Memory Lane!

Interview: Real Vision with Andreas Steno Larsen / Fed Policy, Inflation, USD, Oil, China.

Re: Oil/Inflation/Geopolitics - Squid Game Tug-of-War.

Twitter Space: Pre-FOMC Panel with Unusual Whales / Higher For Longer.

Interview: The RO Show Podcast with Rosanna Prestia / Macro, Markets, Money & METAL!

Re: Oil/Inflation-Supply/Demand Curves & OPEC+'s Fantasyland.

Pivot Announcement - No, Not The Fed!

Re: Geopolitics/Oil/USD - BRICS-a-Brac?

Twitter Space: Panel hosted by The Aquarium/USD vs. BRICS.

Re: Oil/Inflation/USD-Clash of the Titans.

ORDERED KAOS: Themes of the Week (3/26/23-3/31/23).

Twitter Space: Panel Podcast hosted by MicDropMarkets & Chigirl Tracy/USD & Macro.

Interview: The End Game with Grant Williams & Bill Fleckenstein / Fed's Inflation Fight.

Re: Inflation/USD/USTs – “Risk-Free” Riskiness & Austrian Pipe Dreams.

ORDERED KAOS: Themes of the Week (3/19/23-3/24/23).

Twitter Space: Panel with Unusual Whales / FOMC & Macro.

ORDERED KAOS: Themes of the Week (3/12/23-3/17/23).

Twitter Space Interview: Hosted by Grizzle Media / Macro Wrap-Up For The Week.

Interview: WTFinance Podcast with Anthony Fatseas / Macro, Shadow Banks, China.

Twitter Space: Panel hosted by Mario Nawfal / ECB Hike, Inflation, Macro.

Twitter Space: Panel with Unusual Whales / CPI & Banks.

Interview: Forward Guidance with Jack Farley / BTFP does NOT mean BTFD!

Twitter Space: Double-Header on SIVB Fallout & Fed Implications.

Re: Geopolitics/Inflation/USD-Ball In A China Shop.

Twitter Space: Panel with Rahul on Powell’s Testimony & USD Wrecking Ball.

Re: Mental Models-Orthogonality & Portfolio Diversification.

Interview: AIM with Giorgio Tavazza / West Point Paper on USD Primacy.

Interview: The Week Ahead with Tony Nash, Albert Marko, & Ralph Schoellhammer.

West Point Paper -- Part 1/4

West Point Paper -- Part 2/4

West Point Paper -- Part 3/4

West Point Paper -- Part 4/4

West Point Paper -- Bibliography

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Interview: Real Vision Daily Briefing with Maggie Lake / USD Wrecking Ball Resurgence.

Re: Geopolitics / West Point Symposium on Great Power Competition with China.

Re: Mental Models-The Macroeconomic Pond & The Big Chop.

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Twitter Space: Mike Green Interview / USD Wrecking Ball as a Weapon (West Point Preview).

Interview: On The Margin with Mike Ippolito / USD Wrecking Ball As A Geopolitical Weapon (West Point Preview).

Re: Inflation/USD Wrecking Ball-Who's Gonna Out-Hawk the Fed?