Sitemap - 2022 - Kaoboy Musings

Re: Oil-The Great China Re-Opening (Or NOT).

Re: Oil-High Level Macro Thoughts For My LPs.

Twitter Space: FOMC Panel with UnusualWhales.

Re: Mental Models-Destructive/Constructive Interference In Econ Cycles.

Interview: DefiYield with Michael Rosmer / Oil, Inflation, Crypto-nomics, Geopolitics.

Re: Inflation/Real Estate-Train Wreck In Progress.

Re: MSTR-Capital Structure Update.

Interview: Market Champions with Srivatsan Prakash / Oil & USD Wrecking Ball.

Twitter Space: Pre-FOMC Panel with Unusual Whales / Macro Topics.

Interview: Opto Sessions with Haydn Brain / "The USD Wrecking Ball."

Live Panel: Simplify Oil Panel with Mike Green & Charles McGarraugh / "Commodities In An Age of Scarcity."

Re: Inflation/Geopolitics-Geopolitical Mosh Pits & Sovereign Debt Endgames.

Twitter Space: Panel with DefiYield & Michael Rosmer / Structural Inflation & Atoms vs. Bits.

Interview: Hidden Forces with Demetri Kofinas & Brent Johnson / Dollar Milkshake Wrecking Ball.

Interview: The Week Ahead with Tony Nash & Sam Rines / Inflation & Asian Contagion.

Twitter Space: Panel with Demetri Kofinas / FX & Sovereign Debt Endgames.

Interview: Real Vision with Michael Nicoletos / USD Wrecking Ball.

Interview: Lead-Lag Live with Michael Gayed / Tighter For Longer.

Twitter Space: Panel with UnusualWhales / Macro.

Re: Inflation/Real Estate-Around The World In 90 Minutes.

Interview: TastyTrade Discussion with Victor & Chris / Inelastic Supply Curves.

Twitter Space: Pre-FOMC Panel with Rahul & Debate with Mike Green.

Twitter Space: Panel with Rahul / CPI, Energy.

Interview: Lead-Lag Live with Michael Gayed / The Sword of Inelasticity.

Re: Oil-Forward Curves & Holy Grails (or Lack Thereof).

Re: Inflation/Macro-Asian Contagion 2.0?

Interview: KEDM Happy Hour with Max Wiethe / Fed Policy, the USD, and Recency Bias.

Re: Inflation-Demographics & Secular Stagflation.

Interview: Real Vision with Harry Melandri & Doomberg / Oil & Energy Markets.

Re: Geopolitics/Oil-Conversation With Velina Tchakarova.

Re: Inflation-The Case for Bear Steepening/Why The Fed Won’t Pivot Soon.

Interview with Alf / The Case for Bear Steepening.

Interview: Forward Guidance with Jack Farley / The End of the "Liquidity Lottery."

Re: Inflation-"Ride of the Volkyries" Thoughts.

Re: $BTC/Crypto: The Beginning of the End of the Liquidity Lottery.

Re: MSTR-The Tail Wagging The BTC Dog?

Re: Oil-Trying To Cut Through The Noise.

Interview: The End Game with Grant Williams & Bill Fleckenstein / USD Wrecking Ball.

Interview: Real Vision & Maggie Lake / USD Wrecking Ball.

Re: USD Wrecking Ball World Tour & The CNY Facade.

Re: BTC/Crypto-Playing Jenga With The Ouroboros.

Interview: Market Champions with Srivatsan Prakash / Finance Career War Stories.

Re: BTC/Oil/USD/MSTR-Tying It All Together & The “Ummwut” Umwelt.