Excellent list. Will you be back on Grant Williams' podcast at all?

A few noteworthy reads from my cheap seat in primary manufacturing:

- Vaclav Smil's 'How the World Really Works' (great companion to Shorting the Grid)

- Jean Edward Smith's Eisenhower in War and Peace (odd to read about a politician who seemed to, uh, actually care about something greater than his own ego)

- John Meacham's 'And there was light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle'

- Randy Lanier/AJ Baime 'Survival of the Fastest: Weed, Speed, and the 1980s Drug Scandal...'

- AJ Baime's Arsenal of Democracy

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Here is a non obvious question. How do you select the books you are going to read. I have personally spent a lot of time spending on which books to read as I spend on actually reading (I read a lot too). My logic is simple. Time is the most precious commodity we have, way more important than money. And books are damn cheap compare to most other things. So it really boils down to you deciding whether a particular book is worth your time or not. And the more successful you are the more your time is worth. So this measure “normalises” across a wide spectrum. Would be very keen to hear your thoughts on it. Or if you want to hear mine, would be more than happy to share.

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Thank you Michael! Amazing post, exactly what I was looking for!

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