Their service history thrown in on top of the academic knowledge is serious. Really interesting from both guests so far.

My two cents on the Chinese influence in Hollywood: the last big anti China film with an A Lister is probably 25 years old (Seven Years in Tibet). Disney made Kundun in the same year. No chance in hell that shit is getting greenlit now.

Nowadays Tibetan characters are rewritten (Doctor Strange), maps are redrawn (Abominable), and 300lb monster athletes are apologising in broken Mandarin for sayin the other T word at pressers. That's why I'm glad Richard corrected Grant about Top Gun Maverick.

I probably agree with Richard on balance that it's not a huge deal in terms of the information war because I've never met a person who was turned into a China sympathiser because they watched Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

But...propaganda is propaganda. I'm still waiting for the pandemic summer blockbuster to be released. Wonder why it's taken so long ๐Ÿ‘€ [Opening credits finish...first scene, ground zero for the pandemic, location: "Wuhan, North Korea."]

Easy as that ๐Ÿ˜‰.

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Dec 31, 2023ยทedited Dec 31, 2023

Great series! Thank you for initiating it. Looking forward to more - so far only listened to 1 & 2, 3 & 4 next.

But, after 2, I hate to say this, on 31 December 2023, DIMES is dead!

US Diplomacy 0/10

US Intelligence (is that I? Who cares?) 0/10

US Military, losing against Russia, chased out of Red Sea by Houtis, going to lose a carrier if they strike Iran 3/10, maybe

US Economy, about to have banking crisis, currency crisis, bond crisis, inflation crisis 2/10

I added an S for Soft Power, again, approaching 0/10 after the US-promoted/culpable Gaza Genocide for all the world to see

And confiscating Russian assets, US Law, US Property Law, all another 0/10. even -10/10, for USD hegemony!

If you watch Whitney Webb's interviews & videos, you will learn that Google, Microsoft, Facebook, have ALL, since 2000-ish, been used to undermine the rights of the citizens, hand power to CIA-associated bad people, with the aim of CBDC One-World Tyranny in favour of the often Israel-associated bankers & central bank.

The greatest enemy to the USA and its people is what has been quietly, unobtrusively, been going on wrt people's rights over their assets. Watch The Great Taking. THERE is the enemy of the US.

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Another great one gents! Hopefully lots of high level politicians and officials will listen to this.

And key business, finance, and education people will too!

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